Design process
Beira’s production process proposes that the wearer sees our pieces from the inside and out, letting the seam guide the wearer in the understanding of their construction. At first, we used to define them as unisex clothes because they are truly designed both for the male and female bodies. Nowadays, we are moving beyond this definition to take advantage of our pieces’ versatility. There are hidden passages in the clothes that allow wearers to read different meanings into them. Our collections are not specifically made for seasons like Winter or Summer. It’s up to the customer to decide. Each item and new colors released give continuity to the first collection developed. Our purpose is to tell a story, to deepen a language and to value time in a continuous creative process. In this way, we are endlessly synthesized to a single collection.

The city of Rio de Janeiro represents Beira’s homeland, where challenges and opportunities shape the pillars of product development. In this sense, the challenges prompt and permeate the complex Brazilian trajectory.

Our clothes are developed in a continuous process from one collection to the next, growing within the same concept. Each new item and color gives continuity to what was released earlier.

Nossas modelagens são investigações ligadas às funcionalidades das peças, que falam de volume e construção, equilibrando formas tradicionais com detalhes minuciosos tornando-as discretas e instigantes. Nossas peças sugerem tempo para serem observadas e experimentadas. Os detalhes de modelagem são fundamentais para a concepção de cada uma e, por isso, incentivamos o uso de cores monocromáticas.

Since Beira is composed by a small team, each team member has great participation in the construction of the brand. Its products carry the collaboration spirit lived within the joint-production process. Sharing memories and maintaining a strong brand is the main purpose of this process nurtured by the professional experience of each team member.

Fabrics play an important role in Beira, since we use high quality natural fibers in all collections. Most of them are 100% silk or 100% cotton, sourced mainly from Brazilian suppliers.
The search for textures, different fabrics and colors are part of the daily development process. We have recently introduced new raw materials such as ecological silk – handmade weaving produced through the reuse of discarded silkworm cocoons.

Our patterns are intimately related to the functionalities of the pieces. It’s a conversation of volume and construction, balancing traditional shapes with minutedetails making them discreet and thought-provoking. Our pieces need time to be observed and experienced. The pattern details are key to the design and we encourage the use of monochrome colors.

The term “genderless” is used to simplify the understanding that garments are made both for men and women. Therefore, Beira can be considered feminine and masculine. But there are two sides to this term: the positive, where more people realize that our clothes can be worn by both; and the negative, where the term subtracts the ease of wearing them. Beira is moving beyond this definition, in a way to take advantage of the pieces’ versatility.

Our biggest challenge is to be able to make clothes speak for themselves.
Beira can be read as a transition moment and means “in between” in Portuguese. We work with a small team, launching collections twice a year with products designed for both men and women that follow an interrelated development process, creating dialogues among collections.